The Mug With A Glove

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BEWARE: Only products "Sold by" MAX'IS Creations and Maryland China Company are guaranteed genuine. Contact Amazon with any concerns.
Play with your food with this baseball mug with an attached glove.
Toss marshmallows into cocoa, crackers into soup, or toppings onto ice cream
Oversized 16 ounce mug measures 6.5" L x 5" W x 4.5" H
Ceramic and dishwasher safe; U.S. Pat No. D755,015


Home run--The ORIGINAL baseball mug with a glove by MAX'IS Creations is a great gift for sports fans of all ages -kids and adults alike! Unique, patented sports mug design is great for tossing mini-marshmallows into hot chocolate, cereal into milk, crackers into soup or even toppings onto ice cream. Over sized novelty mug is can be used as a cup or a bowl. Max, a young entrepreneur and sports fan created his first mug, The Mug With A Hoop! in art class when he was just eight years old. He pitched his idea at a product innovation contest held at Fenway Park and won the community vote. Max's story highlights the upside of dyslexia and he donates five percent of his profits to charities that support dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Also available on Amazon: The Mug With A Hoop, The Mug With A Goalpost, The Soccer Mug With A Goal and The Hockey Mug With A Net. Full story at