Large Gold Mirrored the Original NuDred Curl Hair Sponge for Men / Women (Big Holes) (Gold)

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Large Gold Mirrored the Original NuDred Curl Sponge (Big holes)
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Over the years, people have tried to imitate the original locking, twisting, styling tool, NuDred Hair Products. However, they have never been successful because it has been designed and built to last and to never be duplicated. NuDred Hair Sponge for curls is made and manufactured in the heart of Dallas, Texas. NuDred Curl Sponge was developed by experienced experts who carefully changed the head game. Each Hair Sculpting Tool uses CLOSE CELL FOAM which creates all kind of African American hair possibilities. NuDred also has hair care product that work will all types of textures, the styling tool works best with these products to guarantee your desired style without any damaging or pulling of the hair. I.T. or Innovative Technologies represents years of dedication and countless hours of effort and energy in creating such an Amazing, Unique and Grand line of hair products. "We continually evolve to master the art of hair profession in our products, methods and systems to provide you with top notch products an unforgettable experience that makes you come back for more".