HUBSAN X4 Storm Racing 5.8GHz FPV Drone with 720P High Definition Camera, Transmitter Included

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Hubsan X4 Storm Racing 5.8GHz FPV Drone with 720P High Definition Camera - Transmitter - 7.6V 710mAh Battery - Charger - 4x Blades - Manual - Hubsan 1 Year Warranty (Except Battery)
Material: Carbon Fibre
Motor: Coreless
Battery: 7.6V (2S) 710mAh Lipo
Camera: Built-in 720P HD Camera


With a modular and customizable design, a carbon-fiber airframe, a 720p FPV camera module, and a flight time of over 6 minutes, this fun-sized racing drone from Hubsan will have you tearing through the sky in no time at all. Everything about this little flying machine is built to go fast, from the lightweight components to the powerful high-torque rotors and compact (but beefy) battery. The main airframe platform is made from one piece of high-modulus carbon fiber, which is exceedingly stiff and light, and allows for super-responsive control in the air. The motors are all coreless, putting out enough power for complete flips and barrel rolls without a problem--after all, this is technically a racing drone, and it can reach a max speed of almost 40 kph. 720P High Definition Camera 360 Fills & Rolls Real Time FPV 2.4Ghz RC Control Series 5.8Ghz Video Transmission Max Flight Time 6 Minutes